Focusing on the outcome

When driverless cars were first discussed everyone focused on the technology  – that then seemed fanciful and a long way from reality. Largely because of the technology focus, the main discussion centred around the ethical dilemma of programming to kill – that is, if someone stepped in front of a driverless car would it be programmed to swerve or continue? 

Developers of the technology have learned to change the narrative. By focusing on the real outcomes such as increased safety overall, lessening the environmental impacts by reducing the number of cars and lowering the cost to consumers and the economy, we now see positive stories and the ‘programming dilemma stories have largely gone away. 

In business it’s the same. It’s not the technology,  but how the technology will impact the business model that is the real story. And how the business model can help you win in the market. 

The surprise to me is how we still see so many people so caught up in the technology they can’t see outcome it can really produce. 

Btw – driverless cars are going to be here s lot quicker than you think. See the link below 

Mobileye and Delphi aim to bring self-driving cars to market as early as 2019

The opportunity in India – innovate & scale

I recently did a trip to India to attend the Deloitte India Partners Meeting and the Deloitte Global  Board Meeting. Spending time in India you become impressed by the entrepreneurship, innovation and opportunity in that economy. 

The sheer numbers of people helps, but it is the attitude of developing business’s that can scale with low unit values that sets the country apart – new innovative models, many of which can be transported over time to more developed economies. 

India is also looking at how it can become an even bigger manufacturing hub. Combining innovation and manufacturing in a 1 billion plus population base, says big things ahead for India. The article below from Forbes paints an interesting picture of India manufacturing incentives. 


Lending Club, the world’s largest peer-to-peer lender, files for an IPO


Lending Club, the peer-to-peer small business lender, is ready to take itself public.

The almost 8-year-old company filed for an initial public offering worth $500 million Wednesday — a placeholder sum that’s used to calculate filing fees. The final sum the company raises could be much higher.

Lending Club had been valued at about $4 billion after a fundraising round earlier this summer.

The company is looking to raise funds amid the growing success of the peer-to-peer lending market, which includes competitors such as Prosper and Upstart. Lending Club has risen to the top of that market and is now the world’s largest online connector of borrowers and investors.

The company has originated over $5 billion in loans as of the end of June. In the six months through June 30, it originated about $1.8 billion of that total, 125% more than over the same period a year earlier, according…

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