John Meacock is the Global Chief Strategy Officer for Deloitte. He is also a Member of the Deloitte Global Executive.

John is responsible for Strategy, Innovation at Deloitte. He is passionate about developing new business models to take Deloitte and professional services into the future.

Previously he was CSO for Asia Pacific and Australia and the Deputy Chairman of  Deloitte’s Global Board.

John is the author of “The Directors’ Cut”, Deloitte’s thought leadership on Board Effectiveness; the author of “The Upshot”, a booklet sharing tips and stories on relationship building and sales; and a contributing author on “the Building The Lucky Country” series of thought leadership.

John is passionate about Thought Leadership. John believes the role of the professional adviser is to challenge the client – to create ‘a ha’ moments  that help them recognise an unrecognised problem, see an unseen opportunity or reach an unanticipated solution.

John is ex Chairman of The Brett Whiteley Foundation, and was a board member of The Asia Society.

He is a keen sportsman, a runner, a hockey player, a lover of travel and an avid art goer.

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