What makes this a time of disruption?

Every generation has had its share of shifts and disrupters.

5 years ago really saw the coming of age of cloud to make SAAS a reality.

10 years ago it was mobility and social impacting the way we worked and played – changing retail forever.

15 years saw the emergence of platform businesses such as google and Amazon – creating one of the most significant transformations in business model for a century.

20 years ago was Y2K – in the end a non event but creating a huge update on the financials and technology.

25 years ago was email and ERP changing the way Business was done. This paved the way for standardized processes and the creation of supply chains and ecosystems.

All of these had a significant impact on business, in the day and ongoing. (And all had started well before the year I mentioned)

So why is now the age of greatest disruption?

It is the convergence of all the shifts noted above with the coming of age of AI, the introduction of 4G moving to 5G creating the Internet of Things, the changing expectations of consumers and the connecting of regulation around the world that makes this a momentous time. All of this means that businesses are compelled to address their business model in order to survive and thrive.

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