Angst that AI will take our jobs ….

There is huge angst about AI taking over human jobs – with talk of 30%-40% of roles disappearing.

What if we were to reframe the discussion and look at it a different way?

What if we were to look at it as an opportunity to really enhance human capabilities?

To look at it in a way that says AI will take away the mundane aspects of our jobs but increase the need to bring the human capabilities of creativity, problem solving, collaboration, driving social purpose and communication.

I firmly believe that AI will create opportunity to do more, enjoy more, be more productive and to live more purposeful lives.

We know that increasing productivity creates wealth and in turn creates more and different jobs.

Every technological change has brought similar cries of job loss – the computer was going to take away jobs, that the ERP wave would eliminate significant parts of the workforce and the internet would eliminate significant numbers of workers.

However, every time, productivity has improved, mundane aspects of work have been eliminated and new roles have emerged. The take up of AI will be no different – it should be seen as an opportunity rather than a threat.

Below is a link to a recent Deloitte report that takes on the view of reframing the way we think about AI.

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