Business Model change – Impact on the everyday

I’m currently in Sydney for a couple of weeks and staying in an AirBnB apartment. Until a few years ago, the automatic choice would have been a hotel.

During the stay I have used Uber and GoGet (car sharing) to travel around, booked restaurants through Opentable, had food delivered through Grubhub and chatted to colleagues in the US and Europe on Skype.

Most of the interactions have been done using my iPhone – not through a computer. It is all just part of everyday life – seems normal and done without a second thought.

But if you take a step back to reflect on all the names that I have mentioned above, it highlights the enormous Business model changes and how they have impacted our lives.

It really does answer the question I get often from Directors and Executives on ‘how real is technology disruption and business model change?’

And I still believe that the change is just beginning. New technology – AI, cognitive, cloud and big data – will continue to drive change and that change will be exponential. And like my experience in the last couple of weeks, the old ways are quickly forgotten as we race to adopt the new.

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