AR is much more than Pokemon Go

We’ve all seen the impact of Pokemon Go – how Augmented Reality (AR) has taken a game global and changed the gaming experience for so many. 

It’s easy to dismiss AR as something for games. But it is so much more than this. Companies such as Vuforia are using it in factories across the US. 

Examples of use are viewing a machine or seeing key statistics such as temperature and pressure or viewing a machine part to see diagrams of how the part links with others or should be assembled. So huge opportunities in terms of safety and efficiency. 

More simple use cases include being able to walk through store, Factory or house layout or viewing furniture, carpet or household items in your house before you buy. 

Today Google launched Tango, a smart phone AR system that shows they see it as a big opportunity (see link below). 

I haven’t played Pokemon Go but I am certainly not underestimating its impact. We have just scratched the surface on AR but I believe that it will have significant impact on our work and home lives. 

Google launches Tango AR smartphone system

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