It’s so unique that everyone has it

“We have a unique methodology that allows us to deliver projects more efficiently and with greater ongoing success. There are five major steps: discovery, design, development, implementation, and measurement”

I imagine for most people that statement sounds familiar but also makes you cringe.
It is marketing speak that all consultants use and it means nothing to the client. It could be lifted from any number of our organisations proposals.

Saying something is unique is a big call – and if it’s not, then saying it is damages credibility. Having a methodology is important – but clients expect that all consultants will have a methodology and that it is tried and tested.
The key is not the methodology but how the method and our experience will benefit the client. Demonstrating the benefits to the client in a tangible way, that they can really see how they will come to fruition, may just about be unique in the pitches they receive.

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