Do we make decisions too quickly or too early?

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One of the most intriguing 2 hours I spent last year was with a very successful ASX50 CEO – talking about the way that he made decisions. His philosophy was to make binary decisions as late as possible; always keeping optionality for as long as possible. This flies in the face of a lot of ‘macho’ wisdom about making quick decisions. There is no question that the approach this CEO had used had stood his company in good stead. It has been good from a strategy and a risk perspective – allowing them to have options that they can take if the market changes or if there is a need to respond to competitor action.

The article below talks about taking time in decisions and broadening the alternatives rather than rushing to consensus. I havent read the book (and not promoting it) but I do think there is merit in the key concepts discussed.

Hope you enjoy the read.

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