Do It, Don’t Say It


Demonstrating that we can create value to a client in the sales process is the key to in winning.

Saying that we will, means little; if you can show the client by “doing it rather than saying it”, it will put you ahead of the competition.

Here are 4 steps that may help:

  1. Describe the value in this situation – the value doesn’t have to be unique, just genuine, distinctive and valuable to the client in this specific situation. Find case studies or ways to talk about the benefits in this situation not about benefits that have been created in general.
  2. Make the value tangible – the value a client eventually realizes may be better processes, revenue growth and a stronger business. Try to calculate a real dollar impact that our services will have. While there may be good reasons from a ‘risk’ perspective that we may not want to state this as a hard dollar figure in a proposal, it will help you start to work through with the client the realistic benefits that we will be jointly striving for and where they will be achieved.
  3. Make the process and outcomes tangible. Clients want to know what you are going to do, how you are going to do it and what outcomes they can expect. Give them sample outputs, maps of the process, documents that describe their role – and better still why not show them a video or simulation of the process you will use and outcomes. It doesn’t have to be movie quality, but even an enactment on a ‘flipcam’ can bring the steps to life.
  4. Share some real experiences of value. Why not do something with them from a business perspective – jointly write a white paper on a topic of interest, ask them to talk to your Deloitte team about what matters to them, jointly attend a seminar or workshop, introduce them to a client that is going through similar issues or send them a research article that is on the topic you are discussing. Don’t make these thinly disguised sales pitches – make sure they add real value.

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