Sales conversation changes you should make


Here’s 3 changes that may turn your sales conversation into a winning one:

  1. Clever to Clear – the way you introduce yourself sets up the conversation. It’s not about coming up with a clever spin – it’s about being very clear about what you do. A good formula is “I do what for whom in this area”. E.g. I provide financial risk advice to treasurers of financial services organisations.
  2. Descriptions to discoveries –  clients value more what they discover than what we tell them. Clients have ‘experts’ telling them on a continual basis about their talents, skills and projects. The key to getting a client to buy is to help them discover what they can do with your expertise to fix their affliction or achieve their aspiration. Your job is to help them create a mental picture of what it would be like to work with you and the benefits they will receive.
  3. Scripts to talking Shop – be prepared, but don’t take in a script and rattle of a range of key points. To be successful you need to create a conversation about the client’s situation.

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