1 of the 3 great lies in sales and relationships


One of the three great lies you hear people say in sales and relationship building is “I called but the client hasn’t called me back.” What this is usually code for is “I’ve been meaning to call but I haven’t worked up the courage.”

In the odd case where you have called and the client hasn’t returned the call, what went wrong?

Two scenarios:

  1. You didn’t leave a message – and with today’s technology it doesn’t make sense not to as caller ID on their system is likely to have notified the client that you have called
  2. Your message was not outcome focused and hasn’t given them a compelling reason to call back.

Assuming you did leave a message, maybe it’s time to rethink the message you are leaving.

The major problem with vmail messages that people leave is that they are usually all about the caller and the caller’s services or agenda and don’t have a hook for the recipient. Next time you are about to leave a message, ask yourself the question “what is it that will make this person give up time to speak to me or agree to have a meeting?”  Make sure you let the recipient know what benefit they will get by calling you back or agreeing to meet.

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