Rules of Networking Part 3 (of 4) : I’m “not really” going to get a drink

People often get locked into standing with one or two others at a cocktail party or networking event and feel uncomfortable about moving on to another group. The “I’m going to get another drink” or “I’m going to the bathroom” excuses are often used, but all parties know they are generally poorly hidden exit excuses. Here’s 3 tips that should help.

  1. Understand when your time is up and leave them interested in more – don’t be frightened of moving on
  2. Practice some exits beyond “I’m going to get a drink”. The best way is to be honest and just say “I’d better move on and talk to some others” or say “why don’t we go over and join that group” or “is there someone else I can introduce you to”
  3. Give before you get – you may be desperate to build a relationship with someone that can be good for business or your career but you need to give them value before asking for value. In this way you are demonstrating a ‘2-way’ relationship and that ‘it’s not all about you’.

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