Rules of Networking Part 2 (of 4) : Woe is Me


  1. Don’t be “woe is me” – no matter how tough it’s been, paint a positive picture when you’re making new connections. It doesn’t have to be “the world is great” but people like to meet someone who has a positive outlook and who sees options for the future. Do you like doing business with someone who has a downbeat attitude?
  2. You have heard it before but the two ears, one mouth rule is important. Understanding what drives the other person will give you a huge advantage as an adviser. Call it the introvert’s advantage – extroverts find it hard to be the listener
  3. Avoid uncomfortable topics – being friendly is key, but try to avoid topics that may make the person you have just met feel uncomfortable.
  4. Adopt normal social behaviour – where you direct your eyes, how closely you stand to someone, how often you might touch their arm etc are things to consider.

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