Overcoming objections


An objection by a client is often a good thing.

It gives you an opportunity to address the client’s issue and can be the basis on which a great relationship is formed

I think there are three broad principles to successfully handing an objection:

  • It’s important for the relationship – if you try to plough through the objection without addressing it fully, the underlying reason for the objection will usually come back to haunt you.
  • Objections often have merit – your purpose is to understand the objection fully, isolate it, and respond to it appropriately.   
  • Many objections require a process not a quick answer – you may need to build a case for overcoming an objection instead of answering quickly on the fly.

How you handle an objection will generally create a binary outcome. Handle it well and you have a basis for a great relationship. Poorly done will often mean no sale and a damaged relationship going forward.

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