Using CPI as an effective tool for networking


Going to a networking event, a lunch or a meeting?

In preparing I find it useful to think of CPI or in fact 3 definitions of the acronym:

  • Consumer Price Index – have a quick scan of key financial, economic and business data that have been the big news in the last week. It is hard to be seen as someone who is tapped into business, if you are unaware of recent news
  • Common Points of Interest – if you know who is going, Google them to try to find things that might be common points of interest. If you meet someone at the event you don’t know, finding the CPI is one sure way to connect
  • Critical Performance Indicators – if you are meeting with a client or target, do as much research as you can on them and their industry to understand the critical levers for their business and industry. It will certainly increase the information they will share if you can ask about issues that are the key ones for their business.

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