They say yes 99% of the time if you are confident


About 17 years ago I moved to Sydney from Perth.  I knew very few people in Sydney and worked for my own company which was unknown in the Sydney market.

Day 2 in my new office, I was flicking through some annual reports (we are talking pre online, LinkedIn etc) to see who I would approach. One of the key execs at a major financial institution was a guy named Brian Smith (named changed). I knew Brian from years before so I rang him and confidently suggested that I come to his office for a coffee at 10.30 the next morning.

The next morning I was sitting in a plush reception and Brian came out to greet me – the only issue was that the Brian I knew was about 5ft 6in tall; this Brian was about 6ft 5in. We had a great conversation and later he became a significant client.

The great lesson for me was that if you approach someone with confidence, they are more likely to meet with you; in this case I had no doubt Brian would meet with me when I called because of our previous interaction.

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