Not having a view – the biggest mistake advisers make

Your qualifications, credentials and references are worth nothing if you can’t show relevance to the client.

I believe to walk in without a point of view on the client’s issues is not living up to the brand promise of an adviser and is not respecting the client as a peer, nor valuing their time.

If you are approaching the client to obtain a role to assist them, I am sure you have thought about what you’d do if you got it. If so, why wouldn’t you share how you would go about it, what you expect some of the issues to be and what are the likely benefits?

I know a number of people will say that they don’t go in with a position due to the fear of getting it wrong. But that fear is all about them. The biggest risk is actually not stating a view – the client expects that you have done your homework and that you will bring some insights to them.
The client knows that you may not know all the ins and outs of their business; but they will be far happier to talk about their business issues with someone who shows they have thought about the issues, rather than someone who is effectively saying ‘I’ve got skills, you work out how to use them.’

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